Friday, March 16, 2012

The Tigers Have Returned to Comerica

By Sean Gagnier

 They've stood as sentinels to every Tigers game since Comerica Park opened in 2000, but they have been absent from their home for more than a month now - but they are back. The two 12-foot tigers that have flanked the scoreboard at Comerica Park have returned from their winter vacation in Milford, Mich. and now sit in their new place of honor - atop the new scoreboard at Comerica.

When the Tigers announced that they were constructing a new scoreboard for the 2012 season they knew they had to address the tiger statues which had endured 11 years in the harsh Michigan climate - making it through winter after winter.

The statues were taken down and hauled via flatbed truck to a facility in Milford that was able to clean them and restore them to their original condition from 2000. They were shipped back to Detroit in the morning hours of Mar. 16th as to not tie up the expressways and are now back atop the scoreboard at Comerica Park.

Tigers fans may miss the two wild cats altogether this season because their gaze will be focused on the brand new scoreboard below the animals. The new board will feature the 13th largest video board in professional sports worldwide and the largest in the state of Michigan. 

With the new scoreboard increasing in size by 600 percent from 1008 sq. ft. to 6000 sq. ft. Tigers fans will be able to enjoy themselves much easier for many seasons to come. Welcome back cats.

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