Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Bum Is Back. Tigers Recall Inge.

By Sean Gagnier

First off, I'm abandoning all of the journalistic morals in this article. This is something that infuriates me to the point that I can't do it justice by being impartial and staying out of the article. So here it goes.

The parade of mediocrity that is the Detroit Tigers front office, cough Dave Dombrowski, cough, continues. They called Brandon Inge up from Triple-A Toledo and plan to start him on Sunday. Why in the hell would those words ever come out of someones mouth? Why?

Inge is awful, there is no way around it. To say that he is anything but a waste of a lineup space is ludicrous. He hit under .200 last season, then he did it again in spring training, and got a job! If I could go to work and whine and complain while accomplishing basically nothing only to still be paid, you bet I would do that.

But then instead of cutting the cord and getting rid of the dead weight that has been around this Tigers team's neck for years, Dombrowski passed the buck and sent Inge to Toledo so he could avoid making a decision for two weeks.

Maybe he was hoping Inge would light up the International League and it would be a no-brainer to bring him up to the Tigers. Well, you forget sir, this is Brandon Inge. In his time with minor leaguers he got one hit. One. And you expect him to produce in the show? Good God, Dombrowski must have had a stroke. There's no other reasoning to why he would think this was a good idea.

Not to mention Danny Worth, a guy who hit near .400 in the spring and deserves a spot with the Tigers, gets shipped back to Toledo for a guy who can't even check his swing without striking out.

When Manager Jim Leyland was asked about Inge he said, "Made a couple plays. He had one hit. He's fine physically."

He's fine physically? That's what is important? How about the whole one hit thing. That seems pretty damn important to me. But you know what, I think it's good to add a complete washout to the team. That makes sense. You know what? I've always felt Detroit belonged in the National League, and putting Inge in the lineup basically gives the Tigers a pitcher in the batting order.

This whole Inge saga has done nothing but infuriate me, Dombrowski makes a few good baseball moves then blows it all by bringing back a completely worthless player that will serve only to hurt this team.

I thought the point of this whole thing was to win a World Series.

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