Monday, February 13, 2012

My Cheetah Riding Ninja

It's been known that Justin Verlander, the Detroit Tigers ace and American League MVP and Cy Young winner, is going to be the next MLB 2K12 cover boy. He has appeared on late night talk shows, notably "Conan" where he revealed his Taco Bell superstition. But as the release date for MLB 2K12 approaches you will be seeing more and more of Verlander splashed across your television.

MLB 2K12 has released their first teaser commercial to go national and it features Verlander as well as the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem Jered Weaver. The two are playing each other and the viewer can hear the inner thoughts of Verlander who compares himself to a ninja riding a cheetah. Weaver then jumps in and calls Verlander weird before Verlander's inner mind jumps into Weaver's. Weaver questions how Verlander has done this and gets a one word response, "ninja."

It's a funny commercial and should serve to promote Verlander to the national market and increase his popularity and should do wonders for the Detroit Tigers public relations department. Keep it up Verlander, but next time maybe you could be a ninja riding a tiger.

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