Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miguel Cabrera Stars in "La Cueva del Fanatico"

By Sean Gagnier

In their recent trip to New York City several of the Tigers paid visits to the MLB Fan Cave; Justin Verlander surprised a young fan and Miguel Cabrera and Collin Balester starred in a MLB Fan Cave telenovela production of "La Cueva del Fanatico."

The title translates to, "The Fan Cave," and features many of the members of the fan cave along with Cabrera and Balester. Cabrera fits right in as the prototypical Spanish soap opera villians in his role as "Miggy Pocco." With bat in hand and eye patch on Cabrera threatens the fan cavers until Jon Glaser, posing as Jim Leyland steps in and tells him, "they aren't worth it."

Balester is involved in a love triangle with two of the fan cavers, and his love leaves her beau to be with Balester who plays the role of "The Tourist" in La Cueva del Fanatico.

Cabrera ultimately ends up killing one of the members of the fan cave and throws him down a slide before Glaser's Jim Leyland dies in Cabrera's arms.

The telenovela ends with the remaining cavers and Balester standing around an apparently dead Miggy Poco; when one of the cavers asks if he is dead Cabrera opens his eyes causing screams and the episode ends.

One can only hope that when the Tigers return to the Big Apple Balester and Cabrera reprise their roles in a sequel. You can see the whole video on

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