Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh Brandon, Do You Think Tigers Fans Are Stupid?

By Sean Gagnier

Oh Brandon, when will you learn? Tigers fans don't want to hate you, they really don't. These people still come to Tigers games sporting jerseys and shirts with "Inge" plastered across the shoulders. Believe me, they want to still like you, but you're making it difficult.

First you sound like a two-year-old when you get to Oakland when you say that it didn't matter that Detroit released you because you were going to ask to be released soon any way. Really? Because that's what a professional and grown-up sounds like. That was your first offense; now this.

Following his grand slam against the Tigers on Thursday, Inge's second in three games, he was asked by a member of the Oakland press corps what the difference was between the Tigers last year and Oakland this season in getting RBI. In response to that question Inge again made the fans in Detroit have to hate him.

"There weren't a lot of runners on base for me. (Alex) Avila had a great year and hit a lot of home runs in front of me so it is difficult to stay focused...," said Inge.

Really, Brandon? Really?

There weren't any runners on base and that's why you couldn't get hits last season? Well what about the 73 at-bat's where there were runners in scoring position? Yeah, Inge only got 10 hits in his 73 chances with runners in scoring position, which equates to a .137 batting average with runners in scoring position.

So, Inge, do you want to try that one again for us all here in Detroit? Why is it that your batting average was so low here, because we aren't stupid, and we for sure know it wasn't because there weren't runners in position.

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