Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Tigers Fan Card Revoking

By Sean Gagnier

This is going to be something new; every week I will post something dumb a fan has said or done that proves that they deserve to have their Detroit Tigers Fan Club card revoked - temporarily or permanently.

First up - Random 97.1 The Ticket caller

After the Tigers loss on Saturday where Jose Valverde blew the save, his second of the season, 97.1 opened up their phone lines to people who wanted to talk about it. And of course, instead of some one getting on the air and showing that they understand the game of baseball this guy got on.

His suggestion; call up the New York Yankees and package Ryan Raburn with Jose Valverde to get Curtis Granderson back.

Sure, the team with the most championships in Major League Baseball is going to trade one of their best outfielders for a guy who isn't hitting his weight at the plate and a closer who is shaky at the moment. Yeah, that'll happen.

Not to mention the Tigers would have no room for Granderson in their already filled outfield or that the Yankees already have Robinson Cano at second base and have no need for Raburn. While he was at it, the caller suggested that the Tigers throw in Don Kelly in order to get Cano away from the Yankees.

I'm not even going to try to evaluate this one, this guy has no baseball sense whatsoever. When will fans learn that trades have to hurt both ways - you can't get one of the other guy's best players without giving up someone of value.

About your fan card random 97.1's just been revoked.

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